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The Plan


We Plan to Provide More Care For More Vermonters.

The challenge with health care in Vermont isn't accessibility, it's affordability.

The health care landscape is often overwhelming and leaves people frustrated with its complex details and policy fine print.

Dr. Dynasaur 2.0 intends to simplify the system

and provide access to more affordable health care for more Vermonters.

Due to expensive premiums, high deductibles, rising health care costs and co pays,

more than 1 out of every 4 Vermonters are underinsured

and at risk of not being able to afford treatment should they fall ill or require extensive care.

Expanding upon Vermont's highly acclaimed and widely accepted Dr. Dynasaur program,

Dr. Dynasaur 2.0 aims to provide health care to a wider demographic of Vermonters and to eliminate expensive family health plans.

With an unprecedented 78% approval rating

Dr. Dynasaur has taken care of Vermont’s youth in a way few programs can claim. Dr. Dynasaur 2.0 will expand the age restriction to include all Vermonters through age 26, eliminate entry restrictions based on income and will provide full medical coverage including dental, vision and mental health care with no deductibles and a monthly premium based on your income.