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Dr. Dynasaur 411

VT Insurance Realities

Being Insured Doesn't Mean You're Well Covered.

Uninsured or Underinsured. Both equally risky.

Thanks in part to Dr. Dynasaur,

Vermont ranks 2nd in the nation with more than 96% of our residents covered

with some form of health care.

Sounds pretty good right?

In part yes, but let’s not forget there are two sides to every coin.

Of the 627,000 residents in our state,

almost 250,000 of them (39%) are on some form of public health care

Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare.

Approximately 54% of Vermonters

are privately insured (340,000 individuals). Of those privately insured almost 1 in 3 are underinsured

– and that’s where the problem lies.

Nearly 50% of Vermonters lack dental coverage.

Obamacare doesn't go far enough to make health care affordable for the middle class and elderly and since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act health care costs have risen by $300 million in Vermont alone.

As it currently stands health care makes up

over 20% of Vermont’s gross domestic product,

meaning for every dollar earned by a Vermonter, .20 cents is spent on health care.

With 6% annual increase in private health care costs and an average increase in annual income increase that does not match, health care is becoming increasingly unaffordable for Vermonters.

We feel Vermont deserves better.