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Dr. Dynasaur Explained

A Vermont Health Care Success Story.

What is Dr. Dynasaur?

Dr. Dynasaur is another name for the federal Medicaid programs covering children. Dr. Dynasaur covers Vermonters from birth to age 19 if they are in a household under 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (300%FPL)which is a gross annual income of under:

  1. $72,750 for a household of 4
  2. $60,270 for a household of 3
  3. $47,790 for a household of two

2015 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Higher income limits apply for households of 5 or more as well. Click here for more information on federal poverty level income limits. Pregnant women under 200%FPL are also eligible for Dr. Dynasaur.

Currently, there are about 63,000 Vermonters on Dr. Dynasaur. The federal government pays 55% of the cost of the program and the State of Vermont pays the remaining 45% by collecting premiums and through tax revenue.

History Of Dr. Dynasaur

In 1989, the Vermont Legislature created Dr. Dynasaur, to expand coverage to uninsured pregnant women, and children through age six, who were ineligible for Medicaid. It covered children with family incomes up to 225%FPL (currently $54,500 for a family of 4) and pregnant women with incomes up to 200%FPL (currently $48,500 for a family of 4). Cost-sharing was instituted in the form of co-payments for some services.

In 1992, Dr. Dynasaur was incorporated into the Medicaid program, which resulted in several significant changes. Coverage was expanded to children up to age 18 and a financial asset test was no longer required. In addition, Medicaid rules now applied to children enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur, resulting in the elimination of co-pays, as well as access to Dr. Dynasaur as supplemental insurance for insured children who did not have comprehensive coverage.

In 1998, a new federal program was created to reduce the number of uninsured children: the State Child Health Insurance Program. This helped expand Dr. Dynasaur to children with incomes 225-300%FPL (the current income limit). Additional funds also provided insured children at that same income level with supplemental Dr. Dynasaur coverage.

Dr. Dynasaur Health Care Outcomes

Vermont children, in large part thanks to the excellent and affordable coverage offered by Dr. Dynasaur have some of the best health outcomes in the nation such as:

  • Ranking 1st with 83% of children whose teeth are in excellent or very good condition
  • Ranking 1st with 88% of children able to access dental care
  • 1st 2 % of Children without health insurance
  • 1st 8% pre-term births
  • 3rd 4.4 Infant Mortality per 1000 children (Iowa 4.1, Mass 4.2)
  • 4th 11% of Children who are not in excellent or very good health (8% SD, 9% ND 9% NH 10%)
Source: Annie E Casey Kids Count Data Center


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